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Improving Our Marketing Strategy

When it comes to electric skateboards advertising the product can be a daunting and exhausting task, we have been working on advertising our products since the first day of the creation of our brand. Our electric skateboards are currently the only skateboards in the market that has top-class features with affordable prices, we wanted to better explain our products to our new customers and we found the best way to do that was through our collaboration with SocialStatista a leading Social media marketing agency.  We believe that working with such high-class media buyers will help us offer great discounts, gifts and giveaways through Facebook and Instagram ads to our current and new customers. We have found out that SocialStatista was...

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Get Best suitable Skateboard From Skateboard Wholesale Distributors

Adventure enthusiasts never shy away to play skating on roads. They prefer to keep their hands in this thrilling activity. Adventure enthusiasts around the world prefer to get into this game. It requires perfect coordination of body and mind. This is the main reason; players prefer to choose well-reputed skateboard wholesale distributors for a perfect skateboard that will meet their demand. When you met the bad traffic, you will think if I can fly that we can no need to stuck in the crowded traffic , but that does not come true at the moment, but imagine that if we have one tool can pass the crowded cars and buses, we can go just through the gap between the cars....

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AE2-Best Board UNDER $400

My name is Adam, I am a college student from the United States. Recently, I got an Aeboard AE2. Alright, let me tell you guys about the BEST BOARD UNDER $400. I got the AEboard AE2 and it's absolutely fantastic. I’m mad that I got this board after my Meepo NLS because it has all the same feature like it. It has Smart turn on, the USB port charger, and it has better smoother acceleration and the standard battery has  LONGER RANGE than my previous Meepo NLS. On top of that, the top speed I hit on this was 27 mph and that's the same speed I hit on the NLS. So this board really surprised me because for 385...

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Aeboard views by Flora

My AEBoard I’ll start with my story, hang in. This was hard to get started, I am not a board rider or wasn’t until now. I grew up in the early 80s when every kid owned at least one skateboard and I could scoot up the road but I was not a trick rider or particularly confident… then I got my AEBoard. The first time I rode it was in China (wife’s family not business if it makes a difference to anyone) around a new suburb development starting out on nice new roads but coming to the end of the block I turned on to loose stones on new bitumen. Talk about terror but the boards' wheels just spat the...

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