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AE2-Best Board UNDER $400

My name is Adam, I am a college student from the United States. Recently, I got an Aeboard AE2. Alright, let me tell you guys about the BEST BOARD UNDER $400. I got the AEboard AE2 and it's absolutely fantastic. I’m mad that I got this board after my Meepo NLS because it has all the same feature like it. It has Smart turn on, the USB port charger, and it has better smoother acceleration and the standard battery has  LONGER RANGE than my previous Meepo NLS. On top of that, the top speed I hit on this was 27 mph and that's the same speed I hit on the NLS. So this board really surprised me because for 385 I was expecting a point A to point B board that, but I got a really reliable board that is fun to ride. If all of AEboards different boards are like this then they truly are the best budget board brand out there. Honestly, they offered me aboard in an affordable range that doesn't be beaten, so I can say I’m happy about this board, I’m just mad I did not find it sooner. 


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