Set of street wheels + trucks + street motors 800w*2

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Specification of the110*65mm All Terrain Rubber Motor Kit:

  • More power, max to 800W per motor

  • Rubber material absorbs more vibration

  • Suitable for uneven roads(There will be slight vibration on the smooth road because of the pattern of the wheels)

  • Because of the high resistance of rubber, the range will be reduced compared to polyurethane wheels.

What's in your order

1. Motors*2pcs, 110*65mm, Rubber Wheels, 800W Black, With truck

2. Wheels*2pcs, 110*65mm, Rubber Wheels, Black, With truck

Customer Reviews

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Review after 2 months of hard use.

These are the best hub motors I’ve ever used. Amazing top speed, and torque. These can also take a beating I’ve gone down extreme gravel roads, and pot holes. The customer service is very impressive, and timely on responses.

Leon Camero
Test ride on AXPlus

Thanks to Aeboard for sending me the ESC for it, I was able to test these out, and oh my gosh, these will go extremely fast. I wish I knew the KV rating on these motors, but these will make you buy a helmet and armor pads. This can go as fast as 35mph and if it wasn't for the overheating limiter, I'd probably would do a longer test ride.

These are made for the AX3 board, so I'd recommend getting that board if you wanna test these out. The feel of the ride is smooth and extremely fast. So be aware of that. Don't be like me, purchasing a vesc 6.6 just to get these running on my AXPlus.

Leon Camero
Not for the AXplus board.

These has a different connector than the AXplus itself. I might have to return these if I can't find a connector for it.