ESC & Remote (for AT2 or GT)

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  1. Works with A Sinusoidal Wave Drive.
  2. Hall Sensor to Ensure Smooth Acceleration and Breaking.
  3. The 2.4G Antenna is Constructed Into the ESC, Solving Any Issues Signal Reaching the Control Circuit.

New Remote

  1. 4 battery indicator lights make the electricity more accurate.
  2. Charging time: 30 minutes
  3. Type: 2.4G  Technology

Customer Reviews

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Chris Laing
AEBoards provide great support for their boards.

Purchasing the latest model for my brother, I realised it had major improvement. Better smoother remote, double King pin chucks, even for the drive chuck. Double King pin chucks are very difficult to find, let alone specialised ones for hub motors, but they shipped me out a set no problem.
The updated speed controller/remote is specially created for duel hub motors using some technical way of delivering power equally. It's also water resistant too, big improvement as the smallest puddle proved deadly before. And as always, fast free shipping from China, thanks AEBoards.