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Order now, US/Canada customers can get the AE2 with screen remote board from US warehouse. Please feel free to order.Delivery time (7-10 days )


Private custom for your board

You can choose different ESC and remote when you  place the order, if you want to the speed fastest board, you can choose the Screen Remote  board (the max speed is about 45KMH);

if you want a soft board with control, you can choose HobbyWing ESC&standard remote.

Just choose as your preference, welcome to your order.



Skateboard:38“ * 9.5”

Wheels size:90MM(3.54inch)* 54MM(2.12inch)

Weight:8.11KG/ 19lbs

Board battery:20r lithium-ion battery

Battery:36v | 6.0ah.

Motor Model:Hub Motor, 2 Motor 500w /Each 250w

Maximum Speed47 kmh | 29 mph

Range 19-28 km / 11.5-17.2 miles

Climbing Grade Slope 25%-30%

Maximum Loading:150kg / 330lbs

Remote details: 

Details of Board

1,Top Speed and Range25 /29 mph, covering a range of 18.2 miles
2,Hub MotorDouble 90 mm diameter, 55 mm wide, 250W each
3,Battery Options:

10S3P Battery6.0Ah 226.8W. (mileage: 19-26 km/ 11.8-16 miles) 

10S4P Battery:8.0Ah 226.8W. (mileage: 27-30 km / 16.7-18.5 miles)

30Q battery:14AH 42V 504WH.(mileage:43-50 km/26.7-31miles) 

The Above Data Was Measured By A 150 Pounds(70KG) Rider. Please note Aeboard doesn't guarantee everyone will reach the advertised range as the range will be affected by a lot of factors such as terrain, wind resistance, battery level, rider weight, and weather, etc. 


4,Deck8 Ply of Canadian Maple

5 Wireless RemoteWireless 2.4G Controller for Best Performance. Rechargeable Using Micro USB Recharge Socket (Comes with Cable), Thumb Wheel Accelerator and Break (Forward to Accelerate, Back to Break), Gear Button With 3 Speed Modes. Forward/Reverse Switch, 4 LED Display (labeled Board Power Indicator below) Indicates Speed Selection, Direction of Travel and Battery Level. 2 Separate LED Indicate Charge (Red for Low, Green for Charged) and Connectivity (Signal, will flash when not connected). Remote Will Operate at a Distance of 10M.

6ESC /motherland: 

Works with A Sinusoidal Wave Drive and Hall Sensor to Ensure Smooth Acceleration and Breaking. The 2.4G Antenna is Constructed Into the ESC, Solving Any Issues Signal Reaching the Control Circuit


Worn Urethane Wheels Are Easily Purchased and Replaced. The Outer Motor Housing is Unscrewed and Replaced as a Unit. The New Part Comes With a 90mm Diameter x 55mm Wide Urethane Tire on High-Quality Motor Casing. The Casing includes a New Set of 20 Rotor Magnets and Super Silent Bearings.


Inside The Box

  • 1 x ready-to-Skate aboard AF Electric Skateboard
  • 1 x Power Adapter and Charger
  • 1 x Wireless Remote & USB Cable
  • 1 x T Wrench (with 3 Socket Sizes and HexKey/Screwdriver


Safety Notes:

  • NO Downhill Riding When the Board is Fully Charged Due to the Regenerative Braking. Riding Downhill at Full Charge will Also Shorten the Life Span of the Battery. Ride a few hundred yards before going downhill.
  • AEboard AE2 leaves the factory water-resistant, but once you start using or maintaining it or replacing the battery, the board's water resistance will be reduced. Water can damage the board and water damage is not covered by the warranty. Therefore, you should avoid riding the board through the water.
  • Always wear a helmet and suitable safety equipment when riding an electric skateboard.
  • Remember to turn off the remote and charge it when not in use to extend battery life


Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Leo Gonzalez

Absolutely phenomenal cs they replied within minutes and I got a new part from them in no time at all I highly recommend them even though it's supposed to be a budget board it's great!

Very good!!

Just passed 1000km with the board in 4 years, the battery is still good and rotors too.
But the hood is broken. Advice: Do not use it under rain :(

Christian D
Great but I don't see it lasting

I love the board, great speed without overpowering torque and nice braking the board has been alot of fun. The only concern is that the board will not last I don't have the nicest roads and I have avoided any situations that would damage the board I stick to city roads and sidewalks board doesn't even breathe outside air if it's raining. But I have 32KM on the board according to the remote and I have noticed my board will turn off after a few seconds of being stationary which wasn't how I first received it so I worry that the battery or motors will be dying soon.

Needs work

Received board, but I had issues with the battery not fully charging past 75% then sometimes it wouldn’t charge past 50%. It took a long time to talk to someone to get replacement parts

Omar Louh

Hello where is my shippment ?