Aeboard Cheetah K2 Hobbywing Smart ESC Direct Drive Electric Skateboard (Street )

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Aeboard Cheetah K2 Specification: 


38″ Length I 9.5″ Width


8 layers of Canadain maple 

Top Speed:

Up to 31 mph /  50 kmh

Hill Climbing:

Up to 35% Grade

Board Net Weight:

16.9 lbs / 7.6kg

Rider Weight Limit:

330 lbs / 150 kg


3000Watt*2 Dual Hobbywing Direct Drive motors


Hobbywing Smart ESC


Smooth  screen Hobbywing Control Remote


TKP truck (more flexiable)

Ride Modes:

4 Ride Modes


4 X PU 105mm wheels

Charging Time:

4 Hours

Battery packs

25R 12S4P 432WH




  • A word of caution after fully charging the battery.  We recommend riding a few hundred meters on flat areas before attempting downhill riding where heavy braking is likely to occur.  This is due to the regenerative braking that could possibly damage and shorten the lifespan of the battery due to overcharging. When this occurs during riding, the brakes may become unresponsive due to the overcharge protection built into the board. 
  • The CHEETAH K2 DIRECT DRIVE ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD has been treated at the factory with a water-resistant coating.  When opening up the battery enclosure for maintenance of your board or replacing the battery, the boards' water resistance maybe be diminished.  Please be aware that although the board is water-resistant, it is not waterproof.  Water damage is not covered under the factory warranty. 
  • Always wear a helmet and suitable safety equipment when riding an electric skateboard.
  • Remember to turn off the remote and charge it when not in use to extend battery life.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Braxton Bird
The best K1

This is my first Eskate and I'm really happy with the build quality and power. I ordered some cloud wheels for when I ride on crappy paths and it makes a huge difference. Overall really happy with the quality and performance out of this board!

Nicolas V.
Having a blast!

I wanted good battery life to avoid range anxiety, a direct drive motor to avoid gravels stuck in the belt (some of the roads around my place are quite bad and lots of gravels everywhere) and i wanted big wheels ( i took the 105mm honeycomb)to absorb some of the bad roads quality.
I am very happy with the Cheetah K1, i ride it everyday since i got it.
I just did a range test today, 42.2km (i am a bit on the heavy side, with my backpack, i weight almost 100kg). Half of the ride i took it easy, cruising and carving around 14km/h the other half i was between 25km/h an 32km/h . I didn't try to reach top speed yet so i can't comment on that but i have no doubt that it can go a lot faster, that thing has a lot of kick, as a beginner rider i am confortable with the medium speed mode for now.
Hope these infos are helpfull if you consider getting a board, this one is very fun to ride.

John Paul
Serious performance for a phenomenal price

This board is so fast and the range is so good.

I acheive a higher top speed and more range than advertised. My board currently has 336km on it and I have to say, it's an absolute beast. I weigh 72kg and I bought it with 97mm wheels. My top speed is 53.3kmh and get 55km of usable range per charge on smooth flat roads. When I carve hard, take it up hills and light gravel roads I still manage to get 45km out of it. There is no battery sag until the remote starts vibrating then it finally limits the top speed to 20kmh. The remote can read one bar and it will still have full acceleration in H+ mode and take me all the way up to 46.1kmh. Speed and range was tested many times with the, Relive app.

I found the stock bushings were to stiff for me when turning, even when set very loose so I changed them to 90a dual barrel front, 88a cone/barrel rear and have them set very loose for turnability and it is completely stable at top speed, no speed wobbles at all. I take my board up to top speed all the time because I feel so safe on it. I highly recommend this board.

Their customer service is also very good, they always respond within a day and are very friendly.

durability and qc check.

i know that there will be durability issues especially due to the price and the fact it is a direct drive... however I don't mind buying one or giving even a 5 review when I get it as long as they are honest about it... (honestly i don't expect high quality I just want to know how low quality it is).
Are they compatible with trampa gummies and what are the trucks' dimensions?

Can't wait for video review

1. recommend you guys get a ER option, using 40T/50E or at least 30q cells
2. Charger should come with 57.5V for healthier cells, and won't lose brakes at the first hundreds of meters
3. recommend reduce to 14s3p (40T/50E) to reduce weight while still increase range