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Deck: Flexible Deck 

WHEEL SIZE: 150MM (6 INCHES) Pneumatic Tires

Trucks: 10 Inch Front & Back Double Kingpin Trucks

Standard BATTERY: 12S4P 12AMP 50.4V 518 WH.

RANGE: 32-40km / 19.9-24.9miles (80kg rider S mode 30km/h speed flat road)

Upgrade BATTERY: 12S3P LG21700 15AMP 50.4V 648 WH.

RANGE: 35-43km / 21.7-26.7miles (80kg rider S mode 30km/h speed flat road)

Upgrade BATTERY VIP: 12S6P LG21700 30AMP 50.4V 1296 WH.

RANGE: 88-108km / 43.4-53.4miles (80kg rider S mode 30km/h speed flat road)

MOTOR MODEL:1600W *2 Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque (6360 Motors)

ESC: 12S High Voltage and High-Efficiency Electronic System






Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marek K
12S 4p 518WH Flexible Battery

The battery is pretty great. I have yet to run out of juice, but I haven't done a full range test. The first 2 rides gave me a 20% battery buzz after about 10 miles, but after ~175 miles, I did about 14-15 miles before the 20% buzz. And I was going full throttle for a good part of it.

Jeremy Wood

Just received my AEBoard GTR today. Pulled it out of the box, checked to make sure all the screws and nuts were tight, aired up the pneumatic tires to the specified 60 PSI, turned the board and remote on and hit the road. Everything is super intuitive, The ride is fantastic. The acceleration and braking is awesome, I rode skateboards back in high school in the late eighties when standard boards were 10 inches by 30 inches. Street skating, power slides and launch ramps were a blast but nothing beat riding down big long flowing hills where you could cruise and carve for a couple minutes before having to start pushing again... This board is like having a never ending downhill ride. If I had had a board like this in highschool, I would only have needed a car for dates and when it rained. I am 51 years old. 6 feet 2 inches tall and 235 pounds, This board doesn't even seem to notice I am on it. The GTR gets my highest recommendation. The large all terrain wheels are a must. The bumps, cracks, etc that would have freaked me out as a teen on hard urethane wheels, cause me zero worries. These wheels let you roll over curbs, bumps, whatever without hesitation. At this moment: the AEBoard GTR is my favorite toy even over my motorcycles... Why: the fun on this board is similar to what I get on my bikes without having to ride 45 minutes to get away from people and then risking my license and perhaps jail. I can just grab the board, walk outside, get on and go and smile from minute one. Last thought: board arrived with about 60% charge. I did about 14 miles before getting down to 25%. I am in Florida so mostly flat land riding but super impressed with the range I am seeing so far. Five star review from me.

Marek K.
AEBoard GTR Review

Overall Value for Price: 9/10
I was also skeptical buying a board with so few reviews, but I went for it, as this is the cheapest 12s4p AT board that I have seen.
I got the board in 7 days, only because the FedEx shipping barcode was unreadable...

But other than that, this board is my new obsession. I want to ride it everywhere I go.
Here is my review after about 100 miles.

Deck: 10/10
Lightweight at about 11kg (~24lb), solid wood that is flexible, yet responsive. The design of the grip tape looks cool, but it is bulging out a bit around the metal plate where the trucks are attached. It is simply aesthetic and doesn't effect the ride whatsoever.

Wheels: 10/10
Great pneumatic wheels with 58T plastic drive pulleys. The tires absorb most small cracks and bumps, which makes the ride on pavement super smooth. They are mostly for street riding, but they are more than capable on grass, gravel, and dirt riding. When riding on very loose dirt/sand, the rear will occasionally slip out while turning. The front wheels also sink into sand fairly easily, so wider, knobby wheels would be preferred for such conditions. Dust cover on inflation nozzle is cheap plastic. I had 2 break already, but I ordered 20pc on amazon for $4 so no big deal.

Bearings: 7.5/10
The bearings themselves are of high build quality. They are rubber sealed so they hold up well and keep dirt out on all terrain riding. They were, however, gunked up with way too much grease, which was slowing them down. Once I cleaned/re-lubricated the bearings, they run much, much smoother and faster now.

Trucks: 8.5/10
While the 8mm axle DKP trucks themselves are built pretty robust, the bushings are pretty hard, but I still had to really tighten the trucks in order to maintain stability at speed. But I'm around 190lb (86kg). The washers that hold the bushings in place are a bit small, which causes awkward bulging when tightening. I just purchased some bushings and larger washers (come in kit) for $8 online and the ride stability at speed has improved.

Motors: 10/10
These powerful 6360 belt driven motors really haul ass. Each motor has a 15T gear which outputs 170kv, a max wattage of 1600 and a max current of 60A. Which I believe is even more than the ESC will output, so there is more for the motors to give. I was flying up a ~20% slope on loose gravel at over 20mph effortlessly! They are extremely responsive, and the acceleration is as smooth as your finger allows. I wish there was a motor guard/cover, but at least the belt cover protects the motors from the rear. The value for the money is quite good.

ESC + Remote: 10/10
Super smooth Hobbywing remote. I will not say much about the remote as there are hundred of reviews mentioning it. It has an odometer, speedometer, 4 speed modes, cruise control, and can change the direction of the motors. The plastic is a bit cheap and slippery, so I ordered a silicone cover that makes it much more robust.

Battery: 10/10
The flexible 12s4p battery has incredible range. I have yet to do a full range test, but I rode 11 miles on dirt trails for over an hour and had 3/5 bars left on the remote. I tried draining the battery to 0 after a few rides, but it wouldn't die on me. The remote told me the battery is dead, but I still rode for almost 2 miles. The max speed was around 16mph, and would slowly drop to 7mph. But even then, it was able to move me from a standstill over and over again. I just gave up because I was riding in circles at 7mph for like 15min.

Customer Service: 10/10
So far, customer service has been incredibly easy to deal with. They respond quickly and even confirmed that the shipping address was correct. They provided a tracking number and even helped me order another item from their website. They also sent me a replacement waterproof cover for my battery charging port on the bottom of my board after I ran over a few too many large branches...

Alfonso Del Valle
Sooo much fun!

I was skeptical buying this because there was no reviews yet, and I read on another forum that this company had bad customer service. But I took a chance and I'm glad I did. Customer service was awesome and very polite and response within a day. I've had the GTR board for about 2 weeks now and it's a BLAST to ride. It's like you're truely surfing the roads & trails. The trucks don't seem to tighten to stiffen the turns & it made it hard to get use to, but at the end of it all, I'm actually glad. Making sharper turns made the ride even more enjoyable and I'm 230 lbs. I own a $1,700 Varla Eagle 1 electric scooter as well, and I haven't touched it since I've purchased the GTR. If you're looking for an All Terain E Skateboard (which I recommend because then a rock won't make you go flying off) this is a good price for what you're getting.