Aeboard GT (all terrain) Flexible Battery

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Aeboard GT Specification:

Skateboard: 38″ Electric Skateboard
Deck: 8 Ply Canadian Maple
Top Speed: Up to 23.5 mph / 38kmh
Range: Up to 25.5miles / 41 km
Hill Climbing: Up to 30% Grade
Board Weight: 25 lbs / 11.5kg
Rider Weight Limit: 330 lbs / 150 kg
Trucks: the Double kingpin Trucks
Power: 650Watt*2
Remote: Smooth Control Remote
Ride Modes: 3 Ride Modes
Battery : 30Q 10S4P 14Ah
Motors: 152 mm X 55mm (6 INCH)
Charging Time: 5 Hours




The Aeboard GT is equipped with the most powerful 30Q 10S5P.

The Aeboard GT is equipped with Double kingpin Trucks.

The Aeboard GTis combined with Flex Flexible Battery. The riders feel more comfortable, also the mileage can make by riders themselves.


  • AEboard has been fully resisted before receiving the goods, but once you start using or maintaining it or replacing the battery, the board's water resistance will be reduced. Water can damage the board and water damage is not covered by the warranty. Therefore, you should avoid placing the board in the water.
  • Always wear a helmet and suitable safety equipment when riding an electric skateboard.
  • Remember to turn off the remote and charge it when not in use to extend battery life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Steve A
Aeboard GT

Loving this board! It's super smooth and so much fun to carve on. I'm so glad I went with a hub motor board....They are super quiet and have enough torque and acceleration for my needs (and I'm only using the 2nd speed setting). The rubber wheels are so good too, and make the ride so much more enjoyable on footpaths and roads... And have plenty of grip. Aeboard has provided awesome customer service too... Responding to my questions quickly on Messenger, and the shipping time was pretty much exactly what they said it would be. The only improvements I can think of for this board are....1) Mounting the trucks a little further forward to avoid wheel bite. I ended doing this, as there were already pre-drilled holes closer to the ends of the board so it was a simple job repositioning the trucks. 2) Maybe finding a better way to route the cables to the hub motors so they are better shielded from sticks and rocks if you take the board offroad... They hand down from the trucks a bit and are a little exposed. 3) Adding a usb port on the battery pack so you can add Led lights to your board, or charge your phone. Fantastic board overall though, and very happy with my purchase.

Good but could be better

The bored rides smooth, good breaks and handles off road pretty well but that's only when it works. My bored after about a day off use the controller won't stay connected. You'll be riding try to stop and your breaks won't work or you want to move but it doesn't. it's a good bored but it needs to be fixed

Niklas Bergström
Awesome board!

Could not be more happy with my decision to by the board from Aeboards. I use it for pretty much everything; commuting, daily activities or excercusions. Never failed me once - and the support team is amazing, they really have their clients in first hand!

philippe fiset
Fun begins with Aeboard Electric Longboard

This longboard is awesome! It meets all the requirements and it works smoothly. Espically in the rude road, I totally recommend this board to any skill level.

Michael Staley
I highly recommend this board.

I use this board to commute to and from work, take it on a train. Ride across grass and gravel everyday. Across pebbled sidewalks and large joints. It handles that all very well. The looks are stealthy. really like riding it. Many people take interest when I ride it. Gets a lot of looks. I highly recommend this board and the ability it gives you to ride anywhere you want to. Nice job,Aeboard